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  • Naina Singh

Asiatique - Our Story

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Asiatique is not just another Thai restaurant in the heart of East Sheen. Our story is about the love, passion, and dedication to serving the best and authentic Thai food in town. Asiatique is an authentic Thai food restaurant that specialises in serving the best for every single customer, be it local or international. Ensuring a comfortable, homely, and family-like environment, our unique brand of authentic Thai food incorporates the Thai stuff ingredients. Our uncompromising dedication towards delivering exquisite Thai food to our customers has earned us prestigious recognition as an authentic Thai restaurant from Thai Select.

Not only do we use Thai ingredients like herbs and spices from Thailand, but we make sure that every ingredient is carefully and meticulously hand-picked. We employ an experienced Thai chef for cooking a myriad of Thai delicacies. Conveying our love, care, and concern for our customers, we make sure to be attentive to every detail of authentic Thai food. That’s the cornerstone of Asiatique’s success since 2016. Every dish is prepared by a host of Thai chefs and they specialise in their area. After quite a few years of success, Asiatique is delighted to announce that we have just opened another branch in Richmond as well.

We take pride in presenting the scrumptious Thai food that is filled with a wide array of flavours and the goodness of the fresh Thai ingredients creating mouthwatering dishes that you will love. Come and experience the real taste of Thai food that is perfectly balanced with flavours without letting down the soul of Thai cuisine. Our exquisite and authentic Thai food packs a punch in every bite. We promise you that Thai food lovers will simply adore the Thai food at Asiatique. We are Thai at heart and our food concept is contemporary in style. Fresh, fun, and delightful, why don’t you take a journey to Thailand along with.

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