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Asiatique - Menu Story

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Asiatique, one of the premium Thai restaurants in London, has been dedicated to sharing the

wonderful flavours of authentic Thai food with our customers since 2016. Cooking delicious and authentic Thai food is in our genes and this is a fully Thai chef-operated restaurant. With the passion to cook the most authentic Thai food, Asiatique has become the favourite destination for those who appreciate Thai cuisine! One quick glance at our menu will make you realise that our goal is to offer you a remarkable Thai dining experience that you would want to return to Asiatique and rave about us to your friends.

Along with the authentic Thai recipe, the well-balanced Thai flavours separate us from any other Thai restaurant. A clean and comfortable Thai décor environment along with the delicious Thai dishes prepared by the Thai chefs will offer you the true essence of the food of Thailand. Our casual and relaxed environment reflects the Thai aesthetic, making it perfect for intimate family dinners, gatherings, celebrations, and business luncheons. Come and try out our special menu to experience the fresh and most authentic Thai cuisine! Every Thai dish is superb with unique flavour and features. The hot and spicy Thai cuisine incorporates four essential features: sour, sweet, salty, and bitter.

Thai food is recognised for the use of fresh herbs and spices. The ingredients of the Thai food menu help in harmonising all the flavours, making every dish high delicious and tempting. Preparing a Thai food menu is about co-operation and teamwork that weaves together the Thai traditions, customs, and culture. The ensemble of four elements of the Thai food menu is an amalgam of cuisines from four central regions of Thailand. They are:

North – Northern Thailand boasts a few light flavours with a tinge of spice that is not too hot.

North-Eastern (Isaan) – The flavours of the north-eastern Thai food menu are highly influenced by Laos. For instance, Laab and Tom Sabb are spicy and have an intense taste that shows the influence.The north-eastern Thai food incorporates intense flavours and spices.

Central – The flavour of central Thailand’s food menu is much more moderate which comprises sugar and herbs. The curries and dishes come with coconut milk that originates from central Thailand.

Southern – Southern Thailand portrays a strong flavour of the food menu in combination with spicy herbs like coconut milk and turmeric. The best examples are Kaeng Tai-Play, Kua King, and Kaeng Leang.

Thus, the next time when you are enjoying the delicious and authentic Thai food at Asiatique, you can reflect on the rich Thai cuisine that reflects its folk wisdom, Thai culture, and characteristics of Thai people. It also portrays the delicate taste, discipline, rules of conduct, human relationship, and artistic flavour. The Thai food menu is not just about the cuisine and flavours, it is an extension of high culture. Experience the true Thai food and enjoy the warm hospitality at Asiatique – the best and most authentic Thai restaurant for you.

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